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The Orthodox Nationalist: Orthodox Ontology – TON 050521

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson talks about his upcoming book on philosophy.

The Orthodox Nationalist has several recurrent themes that distinguish it from all else in this field. One of these is in Orthodox Ontology and its negation, nominalism, or the “Ontology of Death.” Nominalism is the cognitive foundation for the modern world, sin and evil. Few have made this connection before.

Dr. Johnson's overarching project currently is to finally finish his philosophical work on this issue by the end of the year. The tentative title is The Ontology of Death: Patristic Philosophy against Promethean Nominalism. Sin and death has a cognitive element, and this is in the belief that universal entities do not exist. This is the official ideology of modernism, Positivism, industrialization and the modern state.

There is no Law, only laws. Law is created by a legislator, not discovered in human nature. In fact, the nominalist can't believe in “human nature” at all, since it is a universal entity. This broadcast will continue on this theme, a topic mentioned on this series many, many times. Here, the metaphysics of the church is connected to how we behave: it is at the root of virtue and vice. We live in an age of suffering, but God can still be discerned within it.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Orthodox Ontology – TON 050521


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