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Parish of the Patriots: Vaccines and The Great Reset – PP 062921

Grandpa Dan asks why the vaccine is so important to The Great Reset, before taking a look at so-called Christian charity commercials.

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Among the many topics discussed this week, we will conduct a mental exercise by exploring the role the “vaccine” is playing in The Great Reset. The Great Reset agenda is something that just a few years ago would have been easily dismissed as a crackpot conspiracy theory but no more. Now they are quite open about their intention to implement this plan. Make no mistake, this is a serious (though complicated and stupid) idea that is being implemented by very powerful people. Looking at the big picture, it stands to reason the “vaccine” plays a significant role, but just what is it really being used for?

In the Christian specific segment we will once again carry out our Christian duty to call out the false doctrines and the twisting of the Lord’s word by the MCC. There is a commercial currently running for an organization called Samaritan’s Purse, which features the (edited) words of Christ being read in the background while showing random Africans in an attempt to shill shekels from the viewers because Jesus. We will fulfil our duty by refuting this low tier garbage. Thankfully this isn’t particularly hard to do, all that is required is a look at the original source material.

Bible reference this week will be: Mathew 25:32-46

A goat can never be a sheep.

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Parish of the Patriots: Vaccines and The Great Reset – PP 062921


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