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Parish of the Patriots: Celebrating Our Independence and Freedoms – PP 070621

Grandpa Dan has an Independence day party before applying some Christian guidance for the modern marriage.

The Parish of the Patriots is back and waving the red, white and blue (queue the “God Bless the USA” song). That’s right, it’s the Independence day edition of the show! It’s all screaming eagles, old glory and anal this week, as we take some time to soak up and enjoy all the great freedoms that we have!

This patriotic Independence day, we need to be sure to take the time to thank a vet. We would not be able to enjoy this freedom if we were speaking Vietnamese now would we? What about Farsi? How is that even a language? No, here in ‘Murica we don’t speak Vietnamese, German or Japanese….well actually I guess we do, but we also speak English, Swahili and Ebonics because we have the real freedom and independence known as diversity and man on man anal. So get out there, wave that red, white and blue, play that patriotic music, grill those hot dogs and enjoy that man on man anal! This is America buddy!

In the Christian specific segment we will take a realistic look at marriage, both from a biblical perspective and from the realistic perspective of the collapsing society in which we live today. If you have a long standing successful marriage then congratulations! However, if that is your situation there isn’t much GPD can tell you as you already have this whole thing pretty much worked out. This message is intended for those who are starting or just considering, heading down this noble path.

Bible reference this week will be: Ephesians 5:22-33

Music reference this week will be: Jerry Reed - “She Got the Goldmine I Got the Shaft”

America as you wish it to be does not exist, so keep it together and weather the storm as we will come out the other side of this.

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Presented by Grandpa Dan

Parish of the Patriots: Celebrating Our Independence and Freedoms – PP 070621


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