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The Orthodox Nationalist: China and Tibet – TON 072121

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson presents work from his book on Chinese politics covering the mythical Tibet “crisis” that has been sold to Americans.

The Chinese invasion of 1950 led to the partial destruction of the traditional culture while collectivization destroyed its economy. However, after the Communist Party officially apologized for Mao in 1980, they've spent a fortune in restoring monasteries, works of art and cultural relics.

China founded Tibet University, Xizang Minzu University, Tibetan Traditional Medical College, the Chinese Tibetology Research Center, the Tibetan Academy of Social Sciences and even the Tibetan Institute of Astronomy, all impossible had Tibet been independent.

Tibet is likely the fastest growing region on the planet, while before, Tibet was a poor, sparsely populated region that had no hope for an independent existence.

China's sponsorship of Tibetan national culture and language proves China isn't a Marxist country. Tibet has been saved from being a fourth world backwater of BlackRock's empire into being a self-sufficient, industrial power seeing massive economic growth that few regions on the planet could even dream of.

*Dr Johnson will be on the live video stream for Patriotic Weekly Review next Wednesday at 2pm New York time, if you want to ask him any questions and show your support for him.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: China and Tibet – TON 072121


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