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The Orthodox Nationalist: The "Phyletism" Hoax II (Orthodoxy and Nationalism) – TON 072821

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson returns to the subject he began the series with, at Radio Albion.

“Phyletism” is said to be the Greek term for “Nationalism.” Modernist Orthodox will claim that the “Patriarch of Constantinople” condemned “Phyletism” in an 1872 synod rejecting Bulgarian church independence, the “Exarchate.” In 2016, Dr. Johnson did his first lecture for Radio Albion on this topic. This is part II, explaining the economic and military reasons for this synod.

The synod itself was illegitimate, since the Greek bishops were guilty of simony and were therefore not bishops at all. Those buying these bishoprics weren't even clerics. Since all Greek bishops in the Balkans had to purchase their sees (and had to borrow their money to do so), the bankers in Greece and London who forwarded this cash were facing default if these “bishops” were removed from their sees. 

In a panic, the financiers of the Ottoman State called a "council" in 1872 to condemn this on the grounds of "phyletism." 

As most of the world's Orthodox bishops at the time made clear, this “synod” was only about the financial interests of the Phanar. The “Exarchate” was created by the Russian synod officially in 1860. They maintained full communion with the entire Orthodox world even after the “condemnation.”

This concept of “Phyletism” needs to be removed from the Orthodox vocabulary immediately.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The "Phyletism" Hoax II (Orthodoxy and Nationalism) – TON 072821


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