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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Taliban Victory – TON 082521

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at the plans the Taliban have for rebuilding Afghanistan.

Today, Afghanistan is unfortunately front page news. Without any functional knowledge of the area, the news reports are just rewritten CIA and US military press releases. Labels and rumor have taken the place of critical analysis.

The US is a picture of failure in Afghanistan and the Islamic World. The Taliban have proven that they are the very popular and legitimate government of Afghanistan. Their strict Islam is needed to rebuild a war-torn country where morality has collapsed. The US cares only to protect Israel and maintain the flow of natural resources under corporate control. Importantly, they also wish to keep Afghanistan out of any alliance with Iran, the ultimate anti-liberal, archetypal power.

The Taliban are an Islamic National Socialist force. They seek only the reconstruction of the country in consensus with other Islamic groups. They've stated over and over that they have no expansionist desires and don't fund any outside forces. Their central policy is that all money is to be raised in Afghanistan and used in Afghanistan. With practically no help from anyone, they've defeated the US forces and their ISIS mercenaries while also making a mockery out of the “Afghan National Army.” They've crushed the colonial regime, ended human trafficking and smashed the opium trade. The victory for the Taliban is a victory for Nationalism, anti-usury, spiritual socialism and corporatism.

Presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Taliban Victory – TON 082521


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