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The Orthodox Nationalist: Ivan Ilyin on Democracy and Evil – TON 090121

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at the political science of an honoured Russian exile from the early USSR.

Ivan Ilyin (1883-1954) was a Russian writer expelled from the USSR in 1922. He was both a nationalist and a monarchist, grounding his ideological principles in Hegelianism. He wrote several works bringing out the nationalist and Christian aspects of Hegel's social theory and metaphysics.

From 1922 to 1938 he settled in Germany. He spoke German well and taught at the Russian Scientific Institute in Berlin and became a major figure in the royalist and nationalist-Orthodox movement among the exile community. Unfortunately, the Germans removed him from his teaching post in 1934, but he didn’t leave the country until 1938. Exiled yet again, he died in Zurich.

This broadcast builds on an earlier lecture on Ilyin from several years ago. This one deals with his practical political science, especially his detailed views on the fundamental requirements for representative government. In 2009, Vladimir Putin had his body brought back to Russia and reburied with honors.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Ivan Ilyin on Democracy and Evil – TON 090121


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