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The Orthodox Nationalist: The US Navy in Tatters – TON 122221

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson explains why navies are now obsolete and how the American one is dying.

As the US Navy enters the Black Sea, it's clear that the USA is not a superpower. It does not have military dominance anywhere. The BlackRock Empire needs the military to enforce its will, yet it's physically and psychologically falling apart. It eats well over a trillion dollars a year with little to show for it. The Navy and its carrier-based system is largely obsolete against the new anti-ship missiles of Russia and China.

The Navy is dying. The military is dying. The country is moribund. It's overworked, over-stressed and cannot afford the number of ships needed to maintain the empire. Bringing in women and immigrants to fill the shortfall is a disaster. All the while, the number of medals doled out has massively increased, as if to compensate for its operational failures.

Presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The US Navy in Tatters – TON 122221


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