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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Modern State – TON 010522

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at relations between the state and the Orthodox faith.

The “state,” it can be argued, is by definition a modern reality. Massive bureaucracies were simply impossible before the 18th century, since they rely on a technology that didn't exist before then.

The modern state is an object of concern for all Orthodox. Its role in salvation history, at best, is mixed. It has oppressed the Orthodox community as much as it has helped it. Furthermore, Orthodox groups throughout history have fought the state in the name of liberty and the faith, such as the Cossacks, the Serbian Haiduks, the Montenegrin clans and the Old Believers, all of which have rejected the modern state.

More often than not, the state has been an enemy of the nation, as well as the Orthodox faith.

Presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Modern State – TON 010522


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