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Parish of the Patriots: The Devil’s Marketing Department – PP 011422

Grandpa Dan returns with a one of a kind thought provoking discussion and a Christian specific message that you won’t find anywhere else. If you get something out of this show, your voluntary financial support is very much appreciated. If you wish to help support the show, you can find the information how at the bottom of this page.

Some people would argue that America is a Christian nation. This is false. America has a different religion that it follows, namely “The Science”. It is important to remember that the scientific method has nothing to do with the entity known as “The Science”.

If you’ve lived long enough, you’ve no doubt seen “The Science” contradict itself on multiple occasions. You might read an article stating that “The Science” has discovered that coffee is bad for you and instead you should change to energy drinks, only for “The Science” to turn around a short time later and tell you that coffee is very good for you and can even make you live longer.

Why the apparent contradiction? Because what constitutes “The Science” is nothing more than marketing. When you consider that every form of destructive behavior that strips you of your humanity is ultimately justified at some level or another by “The Science”, you have to come to the conclusion that not only is “The Science” nothing more than marketing, it is the marketing department of the devil.

In the Christian specific segment we’ll be looking at the story of Job. Job had his life wrecked due to no fault of his own. The majority of the book of Job consists of a contentious back and forth between Job and his friends who have come to comfort him.

Both Job and his friends are coming from a standpoint that suffering is always a punishment for sin. The problem is that Job has no idea what it could be that he has done to deserve this punishment and thus it appears that he’s been falsely accused.

The fundamental error here is that suffering is just the punishment for sin. In reality, suffering is how we grow and while none of us like it, there is always more room for growth. This is shown in Christ himself: no man ever walked the face of the Earth as perfect as Jesus. Yet in order to grow and come into His full glory, he had to suffer.

As Christian believers we live our lives in order to be as Christ like as possible. Thus, if Jesus himself had to suffer in order to “level up” as it were, should we be surprised that the same holds true for us?

No servant is greater than his master”

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Parish of the Patriots: The Devils Marketing Department – PP 011422


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