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Parish of the Patriots: The Empire of Lies – PP 032622

Grandpa Dan takes a look at Putin’s condemnation of the empire of lies.

The Parish of the Patriots contains one of a kind thought provoking discussion as well as a Christian specific message that you won’t find anywhere else. If you get something out of this show, your voluntary financial support is very much appreciated and if you wish to take part in that, you can find out how at the bottom of this page.

Russian President Putin recently referred to the U.S. as “The Empire of Lies”. This label is observably accurate as we see that virtually all announcements that come from the government and the media are lies, which are very often contradicted by those very same entities just within a matter of days.

Since the U.S. (and by extension the West in general) is the Empire of Lies, it only makes sense that those whom this empire persecutes, are persecuted on the basis of speaking the truth. When you understand this, it makes sense that the very people who were persecuted just a few short years back for being “Nazis” for pointing out historical truths concerning WWII (versus the propaganda which is taught as history) are now persecuted for being “Russian shills/traitors” for not supporting the swastika tattoo covered militias in the Ukraine.

In other words, while the excuse for the persecution may change, the one common denominator is this: the truth.

In the Christian specific segment, we’ll be partaking in a more general discussion of the role each of us plays in God’s overall plan. We all are fulfilling a different role and while we may not even realize it, as believers we are operating as different gears in a much larger machine. Each moving piece has to do its job, otherwise the machine will cease to function. When each moving piece decides to do its own thing, you wind up with the object of derision that is the “MCC”.

While we must always have a humble view of ourselves, we should also take caution not to take this to the extreme of self hate”

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Parish of the Patriots: The Empire of Lies – PP 032622


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