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The Orthodox Nationalist: Dugin, Geopolitics and the War – TON 032322

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson applies Alexander Dugin’s theories to the current situation in Ukraine and beyond.

The special military operation from Russia into Ukraine is directed against liberalism and globalism, not Ukrainian nationalism in its true,  historical sense.

Western liberals created the chimera of Postmodern Ukrainian “nationalism” and imposed it on the all-strategic region of the Black Sea.

For history to actually come to a “close” and the Great Reset imposed, Russia and China must be broken. They must be destroyed totally or reduced to a minor actor.

For this purpose, Ukraine had to be “invented” in the worst sense: somehow, nationalism had to be made compatible with its opposite.

For this, total control over the economy and media had to be accomplished and the population reduced to poverty and confusion.

This lecture applies both Halford Mackinder and Alexander Dugin on the broad, ideological Geopolitics of Europe and Asia.

Presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Dugin, Geopolitics and the War – TON 032322


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