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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Post-Jewish Philosophy of Semyon Frank I – TON 033022

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson details the philosophy  of a Jewish convert who rejected Bolshevism.

Semyon Frank was one of the great philosophers of the Russian counterrevolution.

A Jewish convert to the Russian Orthodox church, he brings his reason for leaving the relatively privileged world of upper class Jewish life into his conversion to Orthodoxy. Like most of his people, he was a Marxist.

Unlike many others, he found this unsatisfactory and saw Christian Idealism as far more philosophically defensible.

As with so many other philosophers described on the Orthodox Nationalist, Frank too is very obscure to western audiences. He should not be. His abandonment of communism and materialism is a wealth of epistemological and metaphysical knowledge that is essential in our reconstruction of the evil of oligarchy and monopoly.

Presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Post-Jewish Philosophy of Semyon Frank I – TON 033022


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