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The Orthodox Nationalist: Grand Prince Basil III and the Russian Ethnos – TON 042722

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at parallels between Russia of the past and Russia today.

Basil III (1473-1533) is often ignored because he's squeezed between two great rulers – his father Ivan III the Great (1462-1505) and his son Ivan IV the Terrible (1533-1584).

In total, both ruled for almost a full century. Russia centered around Moscow as the leader of all Orthodox Slavs. Basil was the fourth son of  Sophia Palaiologos, the niece of the last Byzantine emperor Constantine XII and thus, Moscow was now the seat of the Roman empire. 

Because his mother was part of the Byzantine royal family, the construction of a new Moscow Kremlin with white-stone cathedrals began, symbolizing the new power and confidence of Russia as the New Rome.

The development of the Muscovite state during the western Renaissance build the Russian ethnic idea that still exists today.

Putin is the legitimate successor, so to speak, to these men and this era.

Presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Grand Prince Basil III and the Russian Ethnos – TON 042722


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