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The Orthodox Nationalist: Pamfil Yurkevich against Materialism – TON 062222

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at this important philosopher from the Orthodox world.

Pamfil Danilovich Yurkevich (1827-1874) is one of the founders of the Christian Platonic idea in Russia and Ukraine. He was a profound philosopher rarely referenced in the Anglo-American world despite having been the main teacher of Vladimir Solovyev.

Among other things, he's best known for taking the monastic metaphysics of hesychasm and asceticism and drawing out their metaphysical and ontological foundations. Overall, his main target was the fashionable materialism and “scientism” of the day, a self-contradictory ideology that still rules today.

This lecture will explain his arguments against materialism and determinism. In the process, he lays out a fundamental metaphysics of the Orthodox mind.

Presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Pamfil Yurkevich against Materialism – TON 062222


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