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The Orthodox Nationalist: Giambattista Vico I – TON 070622

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson takes a detailed look at Giambattista Vico’s royalist plan to save the west from destruction.

Giambattista Vico (1668-1744) was a royalist scholar at war with the naive ideas of the Enlightenment.

He took on the forces of revolution by arguing that human history is one of degradation, but also one that can be saved by an invigorated royal house.

In fact, this alone can save the west from the mass society Vico predicted. Man makes history, but not arbitrarily. He makes it in accordance with the divinely infused human nature, or essence.

As the royals fade away, the new morals quickly justify egotistical self-satisfaction. Ultimately, moral degradation captures science, creating a spirit of sophistry and cynical skepticism that soon becomes universal, killing all hope of civilized behavior. It dies or in the “war of all against all,” or under the heel of a conqueror. It is equality that brings this about and reconstruction requires this fraud to be exposed.

Presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Giambattista Vico I – TON 070622


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