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Parish of the Patriots: Good Guy/Bad Guy – PP 102522

Grandpa Dan looks at good guy/bad guy narrative and how it is used to limit our understanding of the world.

Parish of the Patriots contains one of a kind thought provoking discussions as well as a Christian specific message that you won’t find anywhere else. If you get something out of this show, your voluntary financial support is very much appreciated. If you wish to be a part of supporting this show, you can find that information at the bottom of this page.

The ability to easily manipulate the population relies upon two key components: urbanization and the media. Urbanization because the further removed from nature man is, the further removed he will be from the natural order and the truth. The media because people in the West in general and the U.S. in particular have spent their entire lives being inundated with movies, TV shows, news media, celebrity gossip outlets and now social media.

This has led to a dumbing down of the population to the point of only being able to view all issues and conflicts through the narrow lens of “good guy vs bad guy”. This is clearly illustrated by the fact that no matter what the question or the conflict, one party or the other has to be “Hitler”. Of course issues are not that simple and there are always multiple factors in play and every party to a conflict has their own goals and agendas. Yet your breath is wasted on the average American, as all they want to know is who is the bad guy and who is the good guy. They don’t want to actually know what’s going on and the reasons why, in the end they simply want to know which side they’re supposed to cheer for. This is why for this host, “waking people up” is a fool’s errand.

In the Christian specific segment this week, we’ll be looking at a few verses from the book of Revelation. Just as in the rest of the Bible, there are valuable lessons to be learned and insight to be gained from Revelation. However most people tend to get bogged down in trying to equate every illustration to actual events/entities around them in the world today.

Bible reference will be: Revelation 6: 9-11

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Parish of the Patriots: Good Guy/Bad Guy – PP 102522


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