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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Prophetic Struggle – TON 010423

In this New Year episode, Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson returns to a familiar topic, that of the significance of the Old Testament prophets.

While few read them and even fewer follow them, the purpose of the prophets in the New Testament was to offer the social constitution of True Israel – the manifestation of God's grace as justice. Justice is an Archetype that can be manifest in real social relations or be alien from them.

The prophet Hosea condemns the “breaking of bonds” by a corrupt Israelite society, by which he means the transgression of the limits of natural law, or the blueprint for Justice to show itself in society.

What happens when these bonds are broken leads, not just to injustice and sin, but the destruction of society as a whole.

Presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Prophetic Struggle – TON 010423


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