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Parish of the Patriots: Toxic Femininity – PP 021423

Grandpa Dan identifies the real toxic gender issue that is effecting society and its clearly not masculinity.

Parish of the Patriots contains one of a kind thought provoking discussion as well as a Christian specific message that you won’t find anywhere else. If you get something out of this show, your voluntary financial support is very much appreciated. If you wish to take part in that, you can find the addresses below.

When it comes to the narrative, one of the go-to culprits to blame when things go bad is “toxic masculinity”. Yet how can the problems we have be blamed on masculinity, when we live in a society that is in every sense of the word, feminized? Our society is so feminized that we have men going around trying to transform themselves into women! Yet the culprit is often pointed to as “toxic masculinity” (which by the way just means “white men”). We’ve heard all the whining about toxic masculinity, now its time for a discussion on toxic femininity!

In the Christian specific segment we’ll be discussing the simple mechanics of how God’s laws (read: the natural order) works. The further outside these laws you are, the more problems you will have. The more you are aligned with them, the more things are going to work out for you, regardless of other factors. Case in point: Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world today. Should we find this surprising as Christian believers? This is actually not at all surprising when you ask yourself which is more inline with God’s laws: Islam or the MCC that poses as Christianity?

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Presented by Grandpa Dan

Parish of the Patriots: Toxic Femininity – PP 021423


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