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The Orthodox Nationalist: Logos and Nous – TON 021523

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson fleshes out these subjects from his previous discussions on metaphysics and ontology.

The history of conceptions such as Nous, Cosmos and Logos is detailed through the often misunderstood ideas of the Presocratics, that group of scientists and philosophers in between Homer and Plato that sought the rational foundations of the cosmic Order.

Writers such as Eric Voegelin, E. Michael Jones, Russell Kirk and Christopher Dawson have stressed that the very search for Logos, or the order that underlies all appearance, all logic and all truth, was a counter-revolutionary set of acts.

The ancient, magical and “Oriental” conception of the Persians was contrasted to the Logos of the Greeks and set the stage for the entire western way of thought.

Presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Logos and Nous – TON 021523


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