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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Serbian Despotate – TON 022223

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson takes a closer look at the time of Turkish conquest focusing on the Serbian Despotate resistance from 1402 to 1459 AD.

As the Turks closed in on the Orthodox of the Balkans, the Serbs made a last stand with their Despots.

The Serbian Despotate was a medieval state existing from 1402, when St. Stefan Lazarevic – the son of prince-martyr Lazar (Hrebeljanovic) – received the title from the Byzantine emperor, until 1459, when the Ottomans conquered Smederevo, the capital built by Durad (George) Brankovic.

Serbian Despots successfully continued the traditions of the old Serbian empire of Nemanjic under harsh conditions. In these 57 years, Serbia was restored, the church rebuilt and the silver mines created tremendous prosperity – but it was not to last.

The Despotate's complex diplomatic and military maneuvering helped consolidate the Serbian ethnos from then on, and its acts allowed Serbia to survive under the cruel heel of the Turks.

Presented by Sr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Serbian Despotate – TON 022223


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