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The Daily Nationalist: Rainbow Ranger - DN 052623

 Grandpa Dan returns for the Friday installment of the Daily Nationalist! As pretty much everyone is aware, we are quickly approaching the month of June and if you live anywhere in the collective West you know that June means one thing: “Super Gay”! That’s right, it’s “pride month”! Even though the public is inundated with nonstop gay all year, June is when the gay is put into overdrive. Our corporate overlords are providing an all you can eat buffet of gay for the month of June and Ford is not one to be left out. Depending on your own personal tastes, the Ford Ranger may or may not be gay in and of itself. However Ford is determined to remove any ambiguity on this matter by introducing the “Very Gay Raptor” (yes, those are their words).



Below is a link to the Patriotic Alternative article on Sven Longshanks’ imprisonment. If you go to the comments section at the bottom, you can find information on how you can mail a letter to Sven. Also provided is an address and instructions if you wish to send snail mail financial support.




Below is a link to the GiveSendGo account that has been set up to help Sven out with commissary etc.. It’s an easy way to donate to him if you so desire.




Below is a link to the prison website where Sven is being incarcerated. You can find guidelines on contacting prisoners there. Please note that all mail is opened and read before being handed out to the prisoners.




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