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The Daily Nationalist: Don't Say Disney - DN 060223

 Grandpa Dan discusses the latest example of Disney’s drive towards progress. A childhood vacation at one of Disney’s theme parks has always been an unforgettable experience and this is truer today than ever before! Sure some older person might remember going to a Disney park as a kid and seeing a pretty girl dressed as Snow White but does that person even remember her face? What color of eye shadow she was wearing? Did she even have tattoos? What about a mustache? Well those old boring days are gone! Today’s story leaves little doubt that any kids who get a modern Disney vacation will for sure be left with a lasting impression.  


Below is the link to the PA article concerning Sven. In the comments you can find his mailing address, while in the main body of the article you can find instructions on how to send financial support through the postal service.



Below is the link to the GiveSendGo fundraiser for Sven.



Below is the link to the prison website where Sven is being held. You can find useful information on writing to prisoners as well as a link to send money directly to a prisoner’s commissary account via debit card.



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