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The Daily Nationalist: Sanctions on Russia? - DN 091423

More of Dr. Johnson’s academic work as well as methods by which you can support his work can be found at https://theorthodoxnationalist.wordpress.com/

On today's broadcast, Matthew Raphael Johnson wonders how Russia can be selling mountains of its products to the EU while under “sanctions.” Do they even exist? It's rare that anyone can define the term “sanctions” in economic language, but they're often perceived as an economic attack on a nation (usually by the USA). In the popular media, sanctions is defined as a federally mandated restraint of trade against a foreign government. Sanctions, however, are a complex matter of law. Reading the actual law in this field, along with the guidelines for enforcement, will surprise almost everyone. It suggests they might not be enforceable at all, which means that Europe is collapsing under its own weight. They needed no help from American sanctions at all.


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