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Truth Will Out Radio: The Delusion of Democracy – TWOR 031017


Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise present Truth Will Out Radio and this week they are looking at liberal democracy itself and why it is the worst form of governance possible for a country. Over the centuries, the money power have been perfecting their control over the nations in their clutches and democracy is an essential part of this. It allows the public to feel as if they have some say in what goes on, when the reality is that not even the puppet that gets elected has any ability to change anything, if they did, then they would be far too essential to the workings of the country to be able to be replaced every five years.

Destroying Germany gave the bankers the chance to implement changes to the laws of the country that would ensure they had every base covered, such as indemnity from criminal charges for international corporations, control over the education system, control over the military and control over the budget and taxes. This blueprint would go on to be used in Iraq and elsewhere and Dennis reads off some of the small print that the country had to sign off on in order to become a ‘democracy’.

The very nature of having separate parties to vote for causes division in a nation, as each party will be trying to appeal to one section of the population instead of to everyone. Instead of having the most qualified people choosing the very best candidate for the job, democracy allows the least qualified people to choose who gets what looks like the most important position. But it cannot be the most important position, as it is conferred by the people least qualified to decide. The majority will always be the least competent, as superior qualities only ever appear in a very small group of elites, who numerically will always be in the minority. Their vote will never be enough to sway a democratic election where every vote is equal, whether you are a genius or a retard.

On top of the disparity in ability among voters, we now have foreigners voting for our politicians too. This is perfect for rigging the democracy, as it means the one group that is large enough to retake power, will not be able to as it will be divided. This is why it was only Iceland that actually took the bankers to court for crashing the economy. Everywhere else just let them get away with it and gave excuses to the people, when really the agreements that their country has with the world bank and IMF state that they are above the law.

The only natural system of government is a hierarchy and it has to be exclusive to one ethnicity. Only then, can a nation truly call itself free and claim that it’s politicians really do represent them.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: The Delusion of Democracy – TWOR 031017


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