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Albion Narrations: Nennius’ History of the Britons Part II – AN 082817


After hearing how the Britons kept killing the deputies they were sent by Rome, we learn that they still expected the Romans to step in and save them from the incursions of the Picts and the Scots. After one final defeat of these barbarians, the Romans leave and then a new enemy appears, the Saxons. Vortigern was king at the time the exiled Hengist and Horsa arrive and Nennius proceeds to detail the atrocious crimes that this king was responsible for, including incest with his own daughter.

We also hear about Saint Germanus, the bane of king Vortigern and Vortigern’s son Vortimer, who valiantly fought against the Saxons four times before eventually being slain by them. Finally we also hear a variation on the tale of Merlin and the two dragons, only this time the boy’s name is Ambrose.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Narrations: Nennius’ History of the Britons Part II – AN 082817


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