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Albion Narrations: The Ruin of Britain I – TRB 081017


Continuing the series on British history, this is taken from ‘On the Ruin of Britain’ by Gildas. The author was writing in the 6th century and mentions many of the kings and events spoken of in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s work, only he does so from a very negative viewpoint. He was clearly in awe of the Romans and perhaps was not a Briton himself but maybe a Pict or a Scot.

In this first part, we hear about the Christians in the country that were martyred by Diocletian’s persecution in the 3rd century and we hear how the faith was brought to the islands in the reign of Tiberius Caesar. We get confirmation for Geoffrey’s tale of how all the alpha males of the country left for Gaul following Maxentius and about the peasants then calling Rome for help in defending the country from barbarians.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Narrations: The Ruin of Britain I – TRB 081017


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