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Albion Narrations: The Traditions of Glastonbury VI – AN 091417

JA tomb at St. John's, Glastonbury

In today’s episode we look at the Holy thorn tree, that was said to have sprouted from Joseph’s staff when he planted it in the ground at Glastonbury. The earliest found reference to it is from AD1520, but the tradition must be a lot older than that. The tree blossoms twice, once at Christmas and once in May and it has survived being chopped down twice, once by the Puritans and a second time recently by unknown attackers, probably Moslems.

We also learn about the Chalice Well and the blood spring, so named because Joseph was said to have brought two cruets with him, one containing the blood and the other the sweat, of Jesus. These cruets feature on his heraldic shield and Maelgwyn of Avalon mentions that they were buried with him at Glastonbury. The remains of Joseph were found in AD1345 and placed in a silver casket within a stone sarcophagus, which was rediscovered in 1928.

In the final episode tomorrow we will look at Glastonbury’s link to King Arthur and the holy grail of the last supper.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Narrations: The Traditions of Glastonbury VI – AN 091417


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