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Albion Narrations: The Traditions of Glastonbury VII – AN 091517

Sir Galahad, the Quest for the Holy Grail

In the final episode of the series based on E Raymond Capt’s book, we learn how King Arthur was descended from Joseph of Arimathea and was said to have been buried in Avalon, or Glastonbury. A search was made for his grave in AD1191 and Gerald of Wales claims to have been there when the body was found, alongside a lock of Guinevere’s hair. A 16th century engraving of a lead cross identifying the body still survives, but the cross itself has gone missing. The body itself was in a nine foot coffin, showing King Arthur to have been a giant of a man.

The holy grail has always been associated with King Arthur and this is because his ancestor Joseph of Arimathea is said to have brought the cup of the last supper with him to Britain. This cup would not have been an ornate vessel, but far more likely to have been a simple wooden drinking mug and there is one that fits the description called the Nanteos cup. This was supposedly saved by the Glastonbury monks during the reformation. They fled with it to Wales and miracles have been associated with this cup ever since.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Narrations: The Traditions of Glastonbury VI – AN 091517


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