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Truth Will Out Radio: Secret Laws Made Against Whites – TWOR 030918

twor 030918

Dennis Wise joins Sven Longshanks for a look at the Noahide laws and to answer questions left in the comment section after his Paris streets video.

This podcast covers the alleged German torture experiments on Jews and some news on Dr Hans Berger, who is a revisionist historian currently in Vienna jail on charges of trying to install a National Socialist government in Austria. This law was put in place right after the war, but is being used today to silence revisionists in a gross distortion from it’s original intent, the same as laws against sending hate mail in the post are being used against Alison Chabloz for singing funny songs, something not intended to be covered by the legislation when it was written.

The Noahide laws are 7 laws for non-Jews to follow that the Jews claim were given to Noah and then handed down to them secretly, despite the fact Jews never even existed at that time of Noah. Many deceived Judao-Christians think there is nothing wrong with them because they make idolatry illegal, but according to the Jews Christianity is idolatry and the punishment according to one of their most esteemed rabbis, is execution by decapitation.

Ronald Reagan and George Bush both spoke about these laws and referred to them in an official proclamation as well as in the preamble to a Bill in 1991, leaving the way open for them to be made into law in the future. Until the time the laws can openly be used against us, they have partially been brought in under ’hate crime’ legislation, making it illegal for people to hold traditional Christian beliefs. You can be locked up for speaking against homosexuality, race-mixing, feminism and the Jews themselves if it fits within the nebulous definition of incitement to hate. 

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Secret Laws Made Against Whites – TWOR 030918


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