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Truth Will Out Radio: Church Laws or National Socialist Laws? – TWOR 060818

twor 060818

Dennis Wise joins Sven Longshanks to discuss the laws of Pope Paul IV that were created in order to protect Christians from Jews. These laws were obviously a big influence on Hitler and actually went a lot further than him in some areas.

The first laws the church made regarding Jews was to ban them from marrying Christians and from taking public office. They were also banned from having Christian servants, as they often debauched them. These were all enacted before 500AD, but in 1555AD Pope Paul IV made a Papal Bull that was supposed to stand for all time and to never be able to be rescinded, not by any church or political office.

This Bull ordered that Jews live in their own area, with only one entrance in and out. They quickly ended up having to build extra storeys and it is poor White people who now have to live this way, in tower blocks. The Jews had to have a yellow symbol stitched onto their clothing to identify themselves that could never be removed. They were banned from ever testifying in court against a Christian and banned from holding any social position higher than a Christian.

What these laws show, is that Jewish behaviour must have become very troublesome, in order to warrant them. Today we are told gentiles suddenly decided to persecute Jews for no reason whatsoever or just for being Jews, but these laws make it clear what sort of crimes they had been found guilty of, inflating the prices of goods required for life itself, keeping ledgers in a foreign language, selling collateral for loans without waiting for the money to come back, taking extra collateral, even forcing Christians to work on Sundays.

The Nuremberg laws were just a modern version of Catholic church canon laws like these.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Church Laws or National Socialist Laws? – TWOR 060818


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