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Truth Will Out Radio: For Christ and for Fatherland – TWOR 062918

TWOR 062918

Dennis Wise joins Sven Longshanks to discuss private and public quotes from Adolf Hitler, Josef Goebbels and other leading figures explaining that National Socialism is based entirely on the fulfilment of Christ’s message.

‘Common need before private greed’ was the party slogan and this was based upon Christ’s injunction to love your neighbour as yourself. Another slogan was ‘Our religion is Christ and our politics, fatherland’. National Socialism was explicitly a Christian movement based upon Christian principles, but it was not about following any dogma of the church. It sought to unite both Catholic and Protestant under the banner of Positive Christianity, which concentrated on Christian actions and deeds, rather than words.

By going back to the Bible rather than listening to sermons, the National Socialists were able to justify their rejection of materialist influence and their commitment to preserving the purity of the race. In fact, preserving the race was seen as the highest good and the best way that God could be served. Why should there just be one type of tree in the forest? God created the races and the nations for a purpose and that purpose is thwarted if they are mixed together.

Some historians claim that Hitler was really a wolf in sheep’s clothing and he was just claiming to be Christian in public, but these ideas are based on sources which are now discredited. For obvious reasons the enemies of National Socialism continue to repeat false quotes attributed to Hitler from ‘Hitler Speaks’ that talk about ‘stamping out Christianity’ but the National Socialists were never anti-Christian, what they were against is the corruption of Christianity by Clericalism.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: For Christ and for Fatherland – TWOR 062918


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