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Truth Will Out Radio: The Catholic Fight Against Freemasonry – TWOR 083118

twor 083118

Dennis Wise joins Sven Longshanks to look back at episodes 12 and 13, where we learnt about the freemasonic origins of the British Empire and the Catholic fight against freemasonry which was continued by Hitler.

The Treaty of Versaille had many Jewish advisors there advising the European leaders on what to do to Germany after the war. The one leader that was not there, was the Pope, who had been banned from attending. The results of this treaty were that Germany would never be able to again challenge the hegemony of the banking empire, which had begun at the time of John Dee.

John Dee was the leader of the Rosicrucians, a Freemasonic sect that held Jews in high regard and performed magic rituals learned from the Kaballah. Dee was the first to imagine the British empire, but he was also one of the main influencers on the course of modern science, which he saw as being indivisible from magic and the occult. Much of what he learned came from demons who he thought were angels. He conversed with them in a special language and the great breakthroughs in science which have always had a sting in their tail, came from these beings. They also demanded blood in payment and from this time on we see huge losses and great horrors on the battlefield.

The Freemasons and Jacobins continued to export revolution to the continent, while the British empire was colonising the rest of the world. The only organisation trying to expose Freemasonry was the Catholic church, which is probably the reason why the Pope was banned from attending the Versailles conference. The church had suffered heavy losses to their opponents by the time Hitler came to power, but once he had, the way was open for the Church to rise again as the spiritual partner in the new national socialist state. The Reichskonkordat gave the Pope full authority over German Catholics, while at the same time instructing them to obey and support Adolf Hitler, voting him into power and then disbanding all opposition to him.

Dennis’ work shows that National Socialism and Adolf Hitler were far more Catholic than had been previously thought, while the book 'The Holy Reich' shows that National Socialism was far more Protestant than had been thought before. What both do, is show that National Socialism was entirely a Christian movement and the war was a war between the followers of Christ (Nationalism) and the followers of Satan (Communism).

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: The Catholic Fight Against Freemasonry – TWOR 083118


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