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The Orthodox Nationalist: Leo Strauss and the Destruction of Thought – TON 092618

ton 092618

This broadcast has taken many right-wing writers to task for name dropping men whose ideas they have not even the foggiest familiarity with. Plato, Hegel, Nietzsche and many others are used by writers with no philosophical education.  Today's broadcast is no different as it concerns the abstruse and difficult Leo Strauss.

Leo Strauss, while at a very high level of abstraction, was one of the good guys. His purpose was simple: to expose the irrationality of modern ideological and scientific systems. His purpose was to rebuild the classical political agenda of Plato and Aristotle.

Strauss does this, however, in a way that only specialists can penetrate. He makes not the slightest concession to the amateur. Yet again, Johnson's Law is important: because a writer is very hard to read, people can say what they please about him and be believed. Strauss has shown this to a high degree.

It is said that he is the "godfather of the neocon movement." None of these are backed up with citations -- not ever. It's because it is an absurd conception that is not only false, but denies the very basis of Strauss' writings and his purpose.

Female academic Shadia Drury, a Canadian professor from Egypt, has written several books on Strauss. They are all on academic presses and have passed peer-review. There is one problem: there is no way that she's ever read the man. She rarely quotes him and relies on polemical secondary sources to attribute to him political views he abhorred.

Drury has no philosophical ability, is not conversant in abstract concepts and yet has tenure at a huge government university. Her works on Strauss are almost comically bad. How she even functions in academia should show the world about how useless it is, especially the Ivy League. Real scholarship is happening only outside the universities.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Leo Strauss and the Destruction of Thought – TON 092618


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