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Truth Will Out Radio: The Secret Polish Documents – TWOR 122118

twor 122118

Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise play an old recording of the Wehrmacht at Christmas and look at Polish diplomatic reports which prove that it wasn’t Germany that wanted a war.

Documents found in Warsaw when the SS took control of the Foreign Office prove that America had been wanting to make war against Germany all along. The Polish officials in America had been reporting back home on the political climate and they show concern for the different ways that Germany and Russia were being reported in the media.

The reports show that Stalin was being portrayed as a friendly ally, while Hitler and the National Socialists were made to look like they had forced Chamberlain to sign the Munich pact under threat of retaliation.

Powerful forces in America wanted the country to become the defender of ‘human rights and democracy’ around the world. They portrayed fascism as anti-freedom and anti-individual liberty in the media, while making no mention of the Bolshevik threat to national sovereignty.

These reports became the foundation for the German White book, which was banned from being used as evidence at the Nuremberg show trials, despite earlier publication of these reports in America and proof of their authenticity by various Polish diplomats.

While the war was still going in Germany’s favour, a live recording was made of all the Wehrmacht leaders around the world singing ‘Silent Night’ together over the radio from their various locations. This video has been censored by Youtube, despite having no hatespeech, no holocaust denial and nothing offensive about it whatsoever. The reason it has been banned is because it shows the Germans to have been decent human beings and not the monsters that Hollywood has told us they were.

It is incredible to think that the same censorship of the truth that was happening during the war is still going on now, 70 years later on Youtube. Could there be any greater proof of the truth of the German claims?


Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: The Secret Polish Documents – TWOR 122118


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