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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 36 – ER 010919

er 010919

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Eternal Reich's Audio Insurgency continues, blasting away all in it’s path with the finely crafted sonic weaponry that only White people know how to create.

Elessar begins with a slice of Slavic inspired synthwave featuring woodwind and strings built around a folk melody before 1488 takes us back to the nineties, with a chill-out dub mashup made in heaven between a seventies organ and a hiphop beat.

Xurious has a new album out and we have the closing track from it which has that Bladerunner influenced sound you just can’t mistake for anyone else, followed by a funky number from Stormking showing influences from each of the last three decades topped off by his masterful guitar work.

Greek band Front of Hell are mixing the synthwave with the power metal and a rather unique vocal style for their offering and Chaos Vector from Brussels has some harsh dark-synth for us that shows just a little influence from a certain new computer game.

Mr Bond is goose-stepping and body-popping to some classic electro and then it’s time for Radogost and an old Polish folk song influence with call and response acted out on the strings and guitars.

Der Kahlkopf Metzger gets into a Thin Lizzy groove and highlights the classic patriot angst of the vocals and Killuminati take it up a notch with their fast paced melodic metal salvo leading nicely into the guitar tapping harmonies of Blutbanner.

Ode’s track comes in two parts and is inspired by the Lucanian forest, the first is atmospheric doom metal with guitars that sound almost like whale sounds and the second continues with the whales before morphing into bagpipes and bodhrans.

Finally Tommy ‘86 takes a departure from his usual fast paced synthwave to make some late eighties chill out music to wrap up this week’s tour around the Nationalist music scene.

Elessar, 1488, Tommy ‘86 and Chaos Vector can be found at Soundcloud
Xurious, Ode and Stormking are at Youtube
Der Kahlkopf Metzger and Killuminati  are at 88nsm

00:22 Elessar - Frozen Sun (Antti Martikainen Synth Mix) – NEW
04:44 1488 – To Find Peace – NEW
09:33 Xurious -  The Future Belongs To Us - NEW
15:07 Storm King - At the Maw of the Black Mountain - NEW
19:28 Front of Hell – Keep the Faith
25:28 Chaos Vector – Forged in Chaos – NEW
29:11 Mr. Bond - Goin' Nazi (J-Kwon - Tipsy Parody)
33:21 Radogost - Samotny Taniec Utopca
37:36 Der Kahlkopf Metzger - Held aus Eichenholz - NEW
40:29 Killuminati - Europas Untergang - NEW
44:26 Blutbanner - Zeitzeugen Einer Zeitenwende
49:14 Ode – Antarabhava - NEW
56:01 Tommy ‘86 – Endless – NEW

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 36 – ER 010919


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