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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 244 – AAI 050423

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

From the orchestral pit to garage punk and the one man band, Europeans channel the musical spirit like no-one else can.

James Starly begins with inter stellar cellos, preparing the way for Andrei Moissejev’s full orchestra and wide range of light and dark textures.

Septic Flesh use bombastic brass and choral wailing, leading into the low humming of a Florian Geyer dub step sound clash.

Holon brings a blues rock influence to his electro and Brutalist Architecture in the Sun get a coldwave groove on with distinctive vocals.

Alonewolf plays a short retro piece with a nice tempo change and 808 Weeds go full eighties with a wicked bass and action move outro feel.

Control Panel get a techno bass line going with lots on top to keep the attention and Lyde adds a cyberpunk aesthetic with a dash of synth metal.

Dav Dralleon makes metal guitar the centrepiece of his darksynth and Crown Court go back to the youthful anger of the punk days.

Crucified stay with the skinhead swagger and Blutrein start like a ballad and move into polished nu metal territory.

Imminent Reign play power metal showcasing vocals and guitar and Numenor go hell for leather with maiden style guitars and a speed metal tempo.

Sarma bring an unmistakable Russian flavour to their folk metal and Ukanose have a traditional Baltic style to their high energy singing.

Polnalyubvi finishes with an exquisite female voice and neo-classical accompaniment.

James Starly, Holon – Soundcloud
Andrei Moissejev – Ohmnn (Telegram)
Septic Flesh – Nuclear Blast Records
Incept – Funky Side of Fash (Telegram)
Brutalist Architecture in the Sun, 808 Weeds, Control Panel, Lyde, Dav Dralleon, Imminent Reign, Númenor, Ukanose – Self Released
Alonewolf – Alonewolfmusic.wordpress.com
Crown Court – Randaleshop.de
Crucified – OPOS Records
Blutrein – PC Records
Сарма, Polnalyubvi – Xzona.su

01:11 James Starly – Echoes of the Past
03:37 Andrei Moissejev – Western Heroic Mythos, Olympic Incantation – I Remember a Sword and a Promise
10:18 Septic Flesh – Salvation
16:43 Incept – Wir Sind des Geyers Schwarzer Haufen
20:43 Holon - Limitations Of Linear Perception
25:11 Brutalist Architecture in the Sun - You're Not There
29:57 Alonewolf - IS200
32:56 808 Weeds - Lost In Braindance
37:54 Control Panel – Clockmaster
42:58 Lyde - Banshee
46:49 Dav Dralleon - Street Krvsader
50:05 Crown Court - Mad in England
53:11 Crucified - New World Order
55:52 Blutrein - Blumen auf dem Meeresgrund
00:22 Imminent Reign – A Will to Power Awakened
06:10 Númenor – Majesty
13:46 Сарма - Вставай, Русский Народ!
18:52 Ukanose – Apynėlis
23:42 Polnalyubvi - Твои глаза

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 244 – AAI 050423


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