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Albion Narrations 2019: Sexual Utopia in Power II - DN 030419

Sven Longshanks takes a break from covering the news stories to narrate from F Roger Devlin’s Sexual Utopia in Power.

Part 2 of the series looks at how women expect to have rights, but then refuse to acknowledge their duties.

Western men are brought up never to hit a woman, but women should not expect men to always observe this rule. The rule was based upon women not being equal to men, but now that they claim they are, it surely cannot be long until this rule of chivalry falls by the wayside.

There are two reasons why modern women are mostly unfit for marriage, one is that they have slept around and are unlikely to be faithful, but there is also the problem that there are some that due to vanity, are expecting only the very best man there is, which means most men would suffer unbearably trying to share their lives with them.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Sexual Utopia in Power II - DN 030419


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