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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Psychology of Dostoevsky – TON 030619

This broadcast continues from last week and deals with two other short works of Dostoevsky, "An Unpleasant Predicament" and "Dream of a Strange Man" (1877).

Both deal with the psychology of ideology. Ideology, as opposed to political principle, is the secular desire for salvation. It's a self-contained philosophy seeking release from pain and suffering such as Marxism or scientism.

Both are tragic. The first concerns the desire of liberal intellectuals to pontificate without regard to the consequences of their egocentric ideas. The ideas aren't important, the Will to Power is. The ideas they'd abandon tomorrow if it was in their interest. Rather, they seek adulation and a confirmation of their superiority.

On the other hand, "Dream of a Strange Man" deals with the occult origins of civilization in a very strange way that requires a great deal of explanation. This format is insufficient for anything but a thumbnail sketch. The "Dream" is the man's corruption of an "Eden" he's transported to. Ideology derives from suspicion, alienation and the desire for power. It has nothing to do with truth.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Psychology of Dostoevsky – TON 030619


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