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The Orthodox Nationalist: James Fields, Angela Davis and the American Ruling Class – TON 020520

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson contrasts the treatment of alleged right wing terrorists, with undisputed left wing ones, with specific case studies referring to James Fields and Angela Davis.

The USA has a strange history with the concept of “terrorism.” It is well known that right wing activists are sent to prison without evidence against them, while the Left are given money and fame regardless of the evidence against them. The far Left on the street is an arm of the oligarchy and isn't generally prosecuted for crimes relative to their high number. Their opposition, on the other hand, is at war with the oligarchy, so crimes are often invented.

Even a cursory look at the case against James Fields, just to provide one example, shows endless reasonable doubt and proves that the whole case was a farce. The ADL, in a press release, mentions that they were coaching law enforcement before, during and after the event in Virginia.

Angela Davis ran guns for the group that shot up a courthouse in Marin County in 1970-1971 which left four men dead, including the judge. She was acquitted of all charges despite overwhelming evidence. As a result, she's a celebrated name in academia today and a former “professor” at UCLA despite having no academic ability at all. Her criminal past and open advocacy for murder doesn't harm her career, it helps her.

From Davis, to Attica to Mumia al-Jamal, Leftist terrorism is defended by the ruling class and its perpetrators given millions of dollars, book deals and social respectability. 

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: James Fields, Angela Davis and the American Ruling Class – TON 020520


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