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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 100 – AAI 041620

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

One hundred episodes in and still landing the audio ordinance bang on target, this week its darksynth, cyberpunk, EBM, retro, folk, hardcore, black metal and of course, the White man’s classical influences.

Antisun begins with current year cyber-flange effects accentuating seventies keyboard riffs, before DreamReaper turns his hand to a remix with more than a hint of Gunship in there and less of his usual funkiness.

Chaos Vector returns with a stomping cyberpunk spectacular full of great effects and a possible Cybernazi influence, followed by the oriental wind chimes and psi-trance rhythms of Powercyan.

Mojave are sipping cocktails in the sun and spinning the garage grooves while Lyde get the crowd punching the air for another anthem, this time with a seventies feel.

Amalec and Hiraeth channel eighties indie into a catchy EBM number, sounding not unlike Royksopp, leaving it to Mythical Vigilante to finish the dance music section with a funky retro outing and an echo of Duran Duran’s Rio left in the air.

Pipes and snare rolls herald Gotteshorn’s title track of their new album, showcasing a more technical folk metal sound and improvement in the arrangements.

Whisper of Runes epic ‘Minesangar’ follows, laced with lament and slowly building from Stairway to Heaven style flutes to black metal jack hammers and back again.

Halindir continues with the classical theme trying his hand at strings in amongst the synth harps, before Sokyra Peruna strip back their sound to hardcore riffs in a departure from the orchestral style of their last album.

Трезвый Заряд take the baton from Ukraine rolling their ‘rrr’s’ in operatic singing style over the chunky riffs, followed by Flamenaar showing Sabbath influences before letting rip with black metal beats topped with soprano vocals.

The Days of the Trumpet Call play us out with plucked strings from the martial industrial discipline, in a tribute to Cornelia Zelea Codreanu.

DreamReaper, Mythical Vigilante, Chaos Vector, Antisun, Powercyan, Mojave, Lyde, Amalec & Hiraeth & Halindir are at Soundcloud
Sokya Perun, Gotteshorn & Трезвый Заряд are at Youtube
Flamenaar are at Hammerstorm

01:15 Antisun – Cosm - NEW
05:02 DreamReaper Remix – The Midnight – River of Darkness - NEW
09:43 Chaos Vector – Cyborg - NEW
15:32 Powercyan – Covid-19 - NEW
19:24 Mojave - A Day Before - NEW
23:44 Lyde – Frisky - NEW
28:04 Amalec and Hiraeth – New Life – NEW
32:38 Mythical Vigilante - New'ish Technology - NEW
36:56 Gotteshorn - April - NEW
41:58 Whisper of Runes - Minnesangar
47:39 Halindir – Comfy XV - NEW
50:45 Sokyra Peruna – Feel the Power - NEW
54:24 Трезвый Заряд - Ангел ада - NEW
58:25 Flamenaar - Am Heldengrab des Nusitos - NEW
07:02 The Days Of The Trumpet Call - Armed With Fire & Sword

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 100 – AAI 041620


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