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The Daily Nationalist: Black Doctors Replaced by White Ones for Their Own Safety – DN 050120

Sven Longshanks looks at new NHS guidance that means extra risk for White doctors and an obvious ploy from the Equalities Watchdog to artificially boost Black students’ exam results.

Just ensuring Black doctors are first in the queue for protective equipment is not enough, the NHS is now advising that all BAME doctors and nurses should be removed from working with Covid-19 patients.

As well as meaning White people will now be taking all the risk instead, this also shows a total disregard for all the previous patients harmed by BAME doctors due to incompetence and confirmed by the government’s own statistics.

All the while some foreign doctors were just harming patients, nothing was done about it, but now their incompetence could be harming themselves, they are being protected from the consequences.

In order to prevent ‘unconscious bias’ the Equalities Watchdog is recommending that the exam boards be told about each students’ ethnicity, so they can increase the grades if they are Black.

Far from reducing bias, this is blatantly biased against White students and once again shows how our government is not governing in the best interests of the people who created it.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Black Doctors Replaced by White Ones for Their Own Safety – DN 050120


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