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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 112 – AAI 070920

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Lots of electronica this week alongside folk metal and epic symphonic black metal, as we continue our quest around the modern world to find the very best music played by White people.

Tresalis begin with orchestral loops and ethereal vocals set to a dance beat for Holon to work on, adding depth and cyberpunk flourishes.

Akira the Don provides funky hip hop riffs for Jordan Peterson’s spoken word, likening the culture destroyers to tarantulas.

Blut Adler starts with a familiar melody on the ivories, gradually building to a crescendo of rave noise and electric guitars, while Music for Cargo Lifts go for a colder, darker feel with industrial overtones.

Jed Rabid expands on that industrial feel, using sounds more familiar from fellow South African Mojave’s repertoire.

Mythical Vigilante lightens the mood with a funky eighties sounding ditty with oriental splashes, before Atmolifter heads into darksynth territory with a souped-up turbo version of his ambient tune ‘Echoes of Eternity’.

DreamReaper mixes cyberfunk with guitar soloes for a vocoder heavy classic to finish the synthwave section, leaving it to Varus to open the second half with brass and strings, before letting rip with vice-tight riffs and full orchestral score melodies.

Heldenschwert strip back the sound to basic metal with highlighted chorus, while Awaiting Dawn do away with the lyrics all together for a progressive electro-metal workout, starting in a minor key that soon stretches out and grows into synthwave territory.

Ultra-fast epic black metal next from Helioss featuring superb twin guitar harmonising, followed by the powerful soprano vocals of Elanor reaching notes more often heard at the opera.

Albion Bard then plays us out with a harp and piano piece.

Tresalis, Holon, Blut Adler, Jed Rabid, Mythical Vigilante, Atmolifter & Awaiting Dawn - Soundcloud
Varus, Akira the Don & Jordan Peterson, Helioss & Elanor - self released
Музыка Для Грузовых Лифтов - Hammerstorm
DreamReaper & Albion Bard - Youtube
Heldenschwert - Das Zeughaus

01:33 Tresalis – A Ghost in the Machine Room - NEW
06:11 Holon - Perceptual Shift - NEW
12:51 Akira the Don and Jordan Peterson – Tarantulas - NEW
20:52 Blut Adler – Within - NEW
27:54 Музыка Для Грузовых Лифтов  - Грязь - NEW
31:28 Jed Rabid Remix – Metallspurhunde – Moloch - NEW
36:29 Mythical Vigilante – Borg Brawl - NEW
40:54 Atmolifter – Echoes of Eternity – Remix - NEW
44:25 DreamReaper Remix – Powercyan – Disciples of the Night
49:41 Varus - The Awakening - NEW
59:16 Heldenschwert - Jugend voran - NEW
03:16 Awaiting Dawn – Awakening - NEW
08:42 Helioss - The End of the Empire - NEW
13:37 Elanor – Land of the Sin - NEW
19:29 Albion Bard – Legend of the Coast – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 112 – AAI 070920


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