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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 148 – AAI 032521

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

New music from various alternative scenes played by White musicians and showing European sensibilities.

Birovius begins with a soundtrack collage of psychedelic sixties influences before AKMV-18 appears with familiar Daft Punk cadences and a slow disco beat.

Daemon has some cheery synth pop for us a bit like Synthwave Redneck, while Macrowave goes for a suspense filled intro and Lyde-like orchestral electro.

Post Soviet industrial warehouse raving next from Shturm, before Distoxia finish off the section with serpentine vocals and aggro-tech beats.

Sirenia start the second half with power metal and female vocals, contrasting with Brahmastra’s chunky riffs and well defined lyrical stanzas.

Sokyra Peruna evoke the sound of raindrops on the ivories with a live version of ‘Thunder Riders’ while Interior Wrath go for thrashy guitars and hardcore rhythms, with some keyboards thrown in for good measure.

Kankar drops the pace a second before heading into blast beats and viking metal, before Korpiklaani change the atmosphere entirely with accordions and multi-tempo ska.

Bloodtorst play a ‘Battery’ style headbanger before the rock section ends, with epic power metal and a glorious chorus from Incursed.

Will Stanley rounds the podcast off with turbo charged banjo plucking on a nylon stringed instrument.

AKMV-18, Birovius, Daemon – Soundcloud
Blodtorst – Spotify
Brahmastra, Incursed, Macrowave, Sirenia – Self Released
Distoxia – Insane Records
Interior Wrath – Internet Release
Kankar – Kankarofficial.com
Korpiklaani – Nuclear Blast Records
Shturm - VK
Sokyra Peruna – Sva Stone
Will Stanley – Telegram

01:06 Birovius – These Are Troubled Days - NEW
10:14 AKMV-18 – Veridis Quo - NEW
17:46 Daemon – Neoheim - NEW
22:17 Macrowave – Dystopia
26:19 Shturm -  Жизнь из железа – RERELEASE
31:24 Distoxia - Armadura de Clavos – NEW
35:53 Sirenia - Beneath the Midnight Sun - NEW
41:05 Brahmastra - The Phoenix - NEW
46:53 Sokyra Peruna - Вершники грому
53:27 Interior Wrath - Триумф воли - NEW
57:47 Kankar – Pilgerreise - NEW
02:31 Korpiklaani – Levaluhta - NEW
06:33 Blodtorst – Orm – NEW
10:14 Incursed – Paganauts - NEW
15;37 Will Stanley - Leaving the Harbour – DEMO

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 148 – AAI 032521


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