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Patriotic Weekly Review: Paul English – PWR 052621

Mark Collett and Jason Kohne are joined by Paul English for a new episode of Patriotic Weekly Review.

Paul is the narrator on the Hellstorm audiobook and he tells us how he first discovered Nationalism in the early days of the internet through researching banking.

Learning about the way the banks worked led him to Adolf Hitler’s economic miracle and the history of world war two.

He explains how the bank of England was created and the wealth of the country was used as collateral, to be collected for the bank in the form of taxes.

The nature of an international bank is that it funds both sides of the war, so war becomes a profitable business for the bank, while it is most destructive for the nation.

The Byzantine solution is suggested as an answer to the banking problem and some current events are also discussed.

Presented by Mark Collett and Jason Kohne

Patriotic Weekly Review: Paul English – PWR 052621


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