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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 168 – AAI 082621

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Sven Longshanks plays new Nationalist music and other explicitly European genres and styles.

Sagath and Asenssia begin with a witchhouse vibe and Olivia Key style vocals, contrasting with Air Midnight’s gothic singing and post-punk beat.

Wutberger get the bierkeller jumping with trad-folk accordions, before we calm down to the ambient machine sounds and speeded up beats of Teknein.

Corlyx get back into the post-punk style with Billy Idolesque riffs and gothic vocals, leading into the exotic melodies and industrial rhythms of Unitcode:Machine.

Skalski returns with heavy guitars and electro sensibilities, before the cheery summertime riffs of Anker take over with a very Anglo sounding chorus.

Dagaz begin with acoustic guitars sounding like Whisper of Runes, building up to a nostalgia drenched crescendo taking us into a lightning bass solo with classic RAC riffs from Gegenschlag.

A quick blast of viking metal next from Obscurity, preparing the way for ultra extreme deathcore merchants Slaughter to Prevail and violins of protest with pneumatic drill kickdrums from Massen.

Znich adds more orchestral instruments and a tin whistle, leaving it for Traumerleben to finish up with neofolk and harmonicas.

Sagath and Asenssia, Dagaz – Xzona.su
Air Midnight – F-A-R Music
Wutberger, Unitcode:Machine, Znich – Self Released
Skalski – Russian Dark Community
Teknein – Argentbeacon.com
Corlyx – Negative Gain Productions
Anker – KC die Firma
Gegenschlag – PC Records
Oscurity – Trollzorn
Slaughter to Prevail – Sumerian Records
Massen – Apostasy Records
Traumerleben – Traumerleben.de

00:58 Sagath and Asenssia - Ангел - NEW
05:36 Air Midnight – Tranquility - NEW
10:23 Wutberger – Unrechtsystem - NEW
13:25 Teknein – Hyperborea - NEW
17:28 Corlyx - White Wolf
21:03 Unitcode Machine – Fight - NEW
24:47 Skalski - Diktatur – NEW
29:38 Anker – Derbytime - NEW
33:50 Dagaz - Где Небес Лазурь Разрывает Сердца (Темнозорь cover) – NEW
41:43 Gegenschlag - Division Nord – NEW
45:42 Obscurity - Sieg oder Niedergang
49:28 Slaughter to Prevail -  Father – NEW
53:28 Massen - Contraesthetics, Pt. 1
01:11 Znich – Ярыла – NEW
06:54 Traumerleben - Die göttliche Flamme – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 168 – AAI 082621


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