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Albion Insights: Kato – AI 110421

Grandpa Dan interviews Kato, the Chinese ethno-nationalist who regularly appears on Dr Patrick Slattery’s radio show.

For regular listeners to Dr. Slattery’s show at Republic Broadcasting, Kato has become a regular fixture on Mondays and as an ethnic Chinese nationalist, Kato offers a fresh perspective on matters concerning China.

With an ever increasing propaganda campaign against China being ratcheted up in the West, the view offered by someone of Chinese ethnicity can help us see through the lies presented by our own government and media in what is arguably a build-up to war.

With this in mind, Grandpa Dan has taken the extraordinary steps of hijacking the Albion Insights show and kidnapping Kato in order to sit down and have a conversation with him on matters relating to China, Nationalism and the American Empire.

While we know that diversity is not any sort of strength, there is no reason why we cannot find common cause with Nationalists of all stripes.

Presented by Grandpa Dan

Albion Insights: Kato – AI 110421


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