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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 182 – AAI 122321

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Synthwave artists playing black metal and dungeon synth wizards playing classical, we’ve got all the genres covered at the Audio Insurgency.

Halindir begins with kettle drums and mighty pixie wurlitzer in a suitably spacey style, leading into minor key ambient chord progressions from Modernicide.

Mental Minority slowly builds to an industrial beat with optimistic melodies floating around, while Mythical Vigilante really excels himself with slow paced retro-electro, conjuring up images of future cityscapes that could have been.

Menschdefefekt stay in the eighties doing robotics, before being swept of their feet by the cheesy glowstick Euro rave of Synthattack.

Dav Dralleon brings black metal guitars into a world of frantic drum machines and sequencers, followed by AKMV-18 with goth and shoegazing influences in his offering.

ZhaB bring the traditional instruments with pipes and mouth harp for a Celtic jig, while Plema get heavy with a slab of chunky tribal metal.

Hand of Kalliach do their Twin Peaks meets death metal Robin of Sherwood thing, followed by fiddles and tales of bravado with Pereplut sounding like a less polished Velesar.

Shamanic chants introduce Kaira’s powerful suite of slav-phonic metal and Korpoga finish with a Swedish guitar ballad.

AKMV-18, Dav Dralleon, Halindir, Hand of Kalliach, Korpoga, Mental Minority, Mythical Vigilante, SynthAttack – Self Released
Kaira, Pereplut, Plema, ZhaB – Xzona.su
Menschdefekt – Infacted Recordings
Modernicide – Unknown

01:05 Halindir - Horn & Oreb - NEW
08:26 Modernicide II - Revolt Against the Modern World - NEW
11:58 Mental Minority - The End Again - NEW
16:24 Mythical Vigilante - Jeeos - Vanishing Lights - NEW
23:26 Menschdefekt – Redemption - NEW
28:52 Synthattack - Call Me Insane (90s Tribute) - NEW
32:43 Dav Dralleon - Death May Die - NEW
36:45 AKMV-18 - Smiling Into The Void – NEW
43:48 ZhaB – Festival - NEW
47:55 Plemy - Tribal Territories – NEW
53:13 Hand of Kalliach - Beneath Starlit Waters - NEW
58:35 Pereplut – 1071 – NEW
04:38 Kaira – Goy, Kolyada – NEW
12:30 Korpoga – Varv – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 182 – AAI 122321


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