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The Daily Nationalist: American Foibles in Ukraine – DN 120821

Today's Daily Nationalist is brought to you solo by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson and deals with eastern Europe.

The topic is the increasing tensions between Russia and NATO over Ukraine. Pat Buchanan's recent column is analyzed, as it makes a brief case against a shooting war in that part of the world.

Nothing makes sense about American foreign policy. What possible interest to the American economy is served by a war 5,000 miles away? Americans know nothing about the area, but the Nord Stream II pipeline is front and center in the minds of the oligarchy. Foreign policy is based on economic and ideological interests, but these have no bearing on the American population.

Intelligence “analysis” is put out by the same agencies that supported the “Russiagate” scandal, and serves entirely to support the western narrative of a “Russian invasion.”

Presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Daily Nationalist: American Foibles in Ukraine – DN 120821


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