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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 187 – AAI 021022

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Lots of synths and symphonics to appreciate in this latest roundup of new independent tunes by European artists.

Mythical Vigilante begins with bass heavy pitch-bending electro, followed by a catchy witch-house number from Amalec.

Nightcrawler play synthpop with dark overtones and Stratos Zero hit the 90s sounds for a note perfect recreation of the acid house era.

Atmolifter brings a more modern feel to the samples and sequencers with some finely crafted darksynth, while Revizia reaches for the techno presets.

Forerunnerx stays with the post-apocalyptic bass, before Night Leather bring the hi-hats for a speedy dark disco number.

Neurotech opens the rock section with an epic synth-metal space symphony, followed by Nebula Orionis in similar territory with a blackgaze influence.

Fraction bring a gallic flavour to their style of dissident rock, contrasting with the primal death metal and lead harmonies of Leshiy.

Balga race through a symphonic speed metal piece, bringing us up to the epic ambient black metal of Elderwind’s classic ode to the season.

Syr finish the podcast with celtic rock featuring gaelic harmonising.

Mythical Vigilante, Nightcrawler, Stratos Zero, Atmolifter, Forerunnerx, Night Leather, Neurotech, Nebula Orionis, Leshiy, Balga, Elderwind, Syr – Self Released
Amalec, Revizia – Soundcloud
Franction – Martel en Tete

01:03 Mythical Vigilante – Galactic Wave - NEW
05:03 Amalec – Stereohearts - NEW
07:19 Nightcrawler - Vanished (feat. Maxthor)
11:48 Stratos Zero - Area 313 - NEW
16:16 Atmolifter and Techlash – Cyberheart - NEW
21:53 Revizia and Assalm – Templar - NEW
26:25 Forerunnerx - Abstraction - NEW
29:19 Night Leather - Know Your Captor - NEW
32:13 Neurotech - The Seraphic Symphony – NEW
42:16 Nebula Orionis – Halcyon - NEW
49:47 Fraction - Dictature Sanitaire – NEW
53:29 Leshiy - У Холодных Зеркал - NEW
58:30 Balga - Part I  Elven-Maid – NEW
02:26 Elderwind - The Approach of Spring
12:28 Syr – Revenant – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 187 – AAI 021022


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